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Trusted Education:


High quality education is a top priority we must tackle in order to ensure the current and future prosperity of the community. As District IX trustee Wanda will fight for equal opportunity and quality education for all students. To do this she will work with the District IX community to focus heavily on advancing the caliber of District IX schools, improving STARR test results, encouraging small class sizes, lowering dropout rate and increasing graduation rate. With the help of the community she will work to ensure all students receive a diploma that signifies they have the tools to master the world. Serving six years on Houston City Council, Wanda worked heavily to combat food deserts and tackle childhood obesity. She will continue this service when elected to school board, children cannot receive a quality education if they do not receive quality and adequate food at home.

Trusted Support for School Personnel:

black-teacherAs Trustee, one of Wanda’s main goals is advocating for all school staff. She has a strong history and track record of standing up for all employees. Once elected, Wanda will work to help develop fair and equitable systems for evaluation, focus on hiring policies that gives hard-to-staff schools an early crack at filling their vacancies and providing professional development, lesson study and coaching. She will strive to make certain all school personnel are granted competitive salaries and benefits. It is with school personnel’s hard work and unwavering commitment that our public school system runs smoothly and she will ensure they are supported.

Trusted Accountability:


A successful school begins with proper accountability for school personnel and the HISD school board. Wanda will work with the community to ensure all schools provide proper transparency and parental engagement because schools are institutions for learning and developing. Wanda is a proven leader with a solid record of transparency and accessibility. Adams believes that her constituents give her their vote of confidence by electing her so she always strives to give back. As District IX trustee Wanda plans to hold frequent town hall meetings to gauge the most prominent concerns of District IX parents, guardians and students.