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Concerns regarding school violence will always be on the forefront of a parent’s brain. Tensions across the country and in our own city, pertaining to school violence need to be addressed by the elected leaders.  All parents should be informed regarding safety, security measures and practices in place. I am extremely passionate about providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all of our students, but we know that this safety is dependent on daily vigilance. 

When elected I will strive to create transparency and a culture of school safety in our HISD schools.

After a fatal shooting at Worthing High School, the community and myself rallied together several law enforcement agencies, HISD officials, The Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office, and community leaders to discuss plans to combat the safety issues in public schools. One of the most important measures we discussed was gang activity in the communities, schools, and the direction of Houston’s youth. The safety and protection of our children continues to be a driving force of my service.

There is a great deal we can do to increase safety at our public schools. I believe it is extremely beneficial to implement an emergency disaster plan. This plan will encompass everything parents need to know during a natural disaster and a school safety incident. Initially we need to write a letter to parents and guardians explaining the school safety strategies and crisis prevention plans. Furthermore, the school will communicate with families during a crisis and inform them where the students and teachers plan to go if they must get away. It is valuable to students, parents and administration that schools implement an instant text message plan. Texts will be sent to the student’s emergency contacts so parents and guardians are well informed about the safety of their children. Lastly, it is vital that we connect with neighborhood partners such as emergency responders and area hospitals to review the emergency response plan.

I also support the iwatch app developed by The Harris County Sherriff’s Office and HISD. It is a beneficial way for students to report suspicious activity anonymously. Students need a method to report their findings and its great the city has detectives reviewing the tips and responding to the matters.

We want our schools to remain a pleasant and safe environment for all children and adults. Lets work together to ensure our children are safe so they can become the next leaders of the world.