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Aug 23, 2013 Comments Off wandaful1913

Community Leader, Wanda Adams, Announces Candidacy for HISD Trustee District IX

For Immediate Release

August 26, 2013 – (HOUSTON, TX)- Houston District D City Council Member and public servant, Wanda Adams, announced today her entry into the 2013 Houston Independent School District Board of Trustees election.

“It has been a great honor to serve my community and help create a better quality of life for all individuals. I believe if we improve the quality of education we can restore the economy, public safety and most importantly the future of our community,” Wanda Adams said. “I have a strong track record of serving my community and I am running for School Board Trustee because children need a voice and trusted advocate.”

“Wanda Adams is a catalyst for change and has a passion for service,” Dr. Michael O. Adams, Treasurer of the Wanda Adams campaign, said. “As a City Council Member Wanda has always focused on the importance of education to create a better quality of life. She advocated and received $700 million of investments for District D because she knew residents deserved a better quality of life. She remained extremely transparent and humble while serving on city council, I know she will continue her service and advocacy when elected to HISD Board of Trustees.”

Adams is a native of District IX in upbringing and service. She was awarded the Elected Official of the Year Award given by the Houston Area Association for the Education of Young Children, Hosted 36 Back to School Drive’s and Health Fairs for the District D community and is an adjunct professor at Texas Southern University. When elected she plans to develop and maintain trusted education, support for school personnel and improve school accountability.

“I am concerned about the caliber of schools, image and quality of education our students are receiving. Building strong neighborhoods and improving all individuals quality of life has always been one of my top priorities. I have the same passion and drive toward ensuring quality education as I did towards improving individuals quality of life,” Adams said. Children are more than a parents responsibility, the community is accountable for ensuring trusted education and I am here to begin making better investments for our children’s future.” Adams said

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Wanda Adams is currently serving her third term on Houston City Council, Adams spends most of her time advocating for her district’s fair share of the city’s revenue or responding to the needs of her constituency. Wanda is a proven leader whose constituents often compliment her on her transparency and accessibility. Adams believes that her constituents give her their vote of confidence by electing her so she always tries to beat them giving. Whether it’s hosting a Back to School Drive or partnering with the Texans to give bicycles to area residents for Christmas, Adams feels her greatest reward comes in the form of the hugs and “thank yous” that she receives on a daily basis.