Dear Friend and Trusted Supporter,

Welcome to my new website! It has been a great honor to serve on Houston City Council for the past six years and together we have achieved great results for District D. It is now time for me to continue my service as a Houston Independent School Board Trustee. I believe if we improve the quality of education we can restore the economy, public safety and most importantly the future of our community.

I thoroughly enjoy serving my community and yearn to improve the caliber of education for our future. As a City Council Member I always focused on the importance of education to create a better quality of life. I advocated and received $700 million of investments for District D because I understand residents deserve a better quality of life. I remained extremely transparent and humble while serving on city council and I will continue my service and advocacy when elected to HISD Board of Trustees. Join me in ensuring trusted leadership for our children in HISD District IX.


Yours in service,

Wanda Adams


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